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About Jahantab

Jahantab, industrial and productive company, is one of the founders of producing table and chairs in Iran, which has officially begun its activities since 1353.


For over forty years, it is one the greatest pioneers in equipping and producing a variety of tables, sofas, chairs and counter chairs for dining rooms, hospitals, waiting rooms, educational spaces, various amphitheater, different restaurants, fast food halls, coffee shops, meeting rooms, hotels, dining venues and conference halls.

The Jahantab manufacturing company thinks of producing best quality products with the most affordable price which can cover a wide variety of consumer tastes.

Jahantab is a provider of variety of products that are now featured in offices, organs, restaurants, amphitheaters, and educational centers throughout Iran.

In this regard, the following are the company's long-term goals:

  • Producing high quality products with global standards.
  • Supplying the market with no drop quality products and no price hikes.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in producing different products for the satisfaction of consumers.
  • Providing technical and designing advice for equipping halls, amphitheaters, restaurants and coffee shops.

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