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Berlino sofa
Berlino sofa

Berlino sofa



108 60 180

The Berlino is the name of a leather restaurant sofa with metal legs. The combination of The Berlino and other chairs can give a beautiful touch to dining halls. It should be noted that this sofa can be used in the interior design of food courts. One piece sewing, leather and fabric color variation and short metal legs are the most important features of this chair. Also, if you are interested in creating a private and VIP environment in your own restaurant or fast food, you can do this professionally by combining the Berlin Restaurant's sofa with other chairs. This chair can be ordered in any size according to customers` demand.

پیتزا 2000
فست فود دوراندو
فست فود کاکادو
دکوراسیون فست فود بروکلی

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