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Sabu cafe restaurant Tehran
the chair:
  • Vita metal leg chair
  • صندلی SUB WAY
  • S4 table
  • S6 table
  • Berlino sofa

Todays, people are busy with daily routine and they seek for places where they can find fun and calmness and specialy a good food to eat. Cafes Restaurants are some of the places where you can enjoy a delightful evening or a family dinner, and forget day-to-day worries. The interior design of the Sabu cafe restaurant serves a fine, cozy and beautiful atmosphere, full of wood and greenery, which is the strength of the interior decoration of the restaurant. The top floor of the restaurant leading to the roof, due to the lack of conventional walls, inspires the sense of open space to the audience. Also, the design of the roof of the restaurant on this floor is in a way that the connection with the outside is not cutted out and people can enjoy the view on this floor while eating. The green color of restaurant chairs and wooden space has made harmony and the use of different chairs and tables copliments the decoration of this place. With a high experience in the production of tables and chairs, designing and stablishing cafes, cafes, and fast food, many projects have been implemented by Jahantab Group.

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