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Baber Burger fast food Tehran
the chair:
  • Adria S chair
  • 1037 table
  • Lego M couch

Undoubtedly, the harmony of decoration of fast food with the type of food served in the place is one of the basics of the designing a fast food store. Lighting design and color choices, and an appropriate table and chair design are the most common standards in decoration a fast food store. The color of the wall coverings and floorboards can also be the point of view of the concept. Warm and refreshing colors are the perfect choices for this place. Cream floor coverings, brown brick, and white and red roofs used in Baber Burger fast food. In the design of the interior decoration of the Baber Burger fast food, in addition to points notted above, using the right choice of the restaurant's sofa, the appropriate table and chair, creates a good place for the people.  The Jahantab Furniture Group has been implementing many projects with a high experience in the production of table and chairs and designing and stablishing fast food, restaurant and coffee shops.

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