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San siro cafe restaurant Tehran
  • W74 table
  • W76 table

Considering the climate, architectural style and type of restaurant is the first step in choosing the color combination of the restaurant furniture. Due to the fact that the Italian San siro cafe restaurant is located in the heart of nature and has an outdoor space, neutral colors alongside the colors of nature have been used interior design of the restaurant uses. The green color of the outdoor furniture and neutral colors beside the Mediterranean style of Italian style creates a beautiful harmony with the surroundings. Therefore, clever selection of colors has had a great effect on the beauty of the interior design of the restaurant. The Polish chair induces a bit of nostalgic felings and Italian style and  architectural elements illustrate the concept of the restaurant's main design. Undoubtedly, the use of elegantly restaurant furniture with stylish wooden chairs have created a comfortable and warm atmosphere for guests. The Jahantab Industrial Group has developed many projects in the field of table and chair manufacturing and the design and installation of fast food, cafe and coffee shops.

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