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Shabhaye ferdos restaurant Tehran
the chair:
  • Art moon chair (wooden leg)
  • sky chair
  • Karol chair
  • 1037V table
  • The Restu MW sofa

Although it is not possible to ignore the growing trend of modern restaurants, but Iranian restaurants still have their own special place and Iranian food never gets repeated. Therefore, many designers have paid special attention to interior decoration of Iranian restaurants, and in this regard restaurants with a special interior design have been established. The interior design of Shabhaye ferdos restaurant includes diversities which gives a special effect to space. Meanwhile, the use of three type of chair with warm and cool color, along with a restaurant sofa, has made attractive choices for the audience. The use of beautiful plaster designing to cover the columns and beautify the ceiling, also use of large windows with colorful and lightweight glass, made  a place a cozy and friendly one. The use of wooden chairs and tables with warm and cold colors, has been completed classic decoration. Jahantab Industrial Group, with 40 years experience in producing table, chairs and sofa for restaurant, has implemented many projects.

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